For us sustainability starts with the choice of our suppliers. We work in priority with Australian distillers and source the rest of our oils from distillers around the world we can trust.


Two main reasons for that:

  • Thinking local first – The global sanitary situation in the recent time (aka Covid-19) has shown us we rely too much on what is overseas for something we can find locally. Our aim is to always support Australian businesses first, then look overseas for an alternative option if the option doesn’t exist here.
  • Quality matters – We have been using essential oils for decades and before we started this business, we took months trying different oils and suppliers to assure you the best quality oils. The shortest the supply chain is, the better the quality of a product is.


Sustainability remains also in the resources we use to prepare and ship your orders. We use plastic-free packaging, and as we work with Sendle & Australia Post, we use carbon neutral delivery.   

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We encourage our customers to reuse their glass bottles as much as possible (see some examples here). To recycle your bottles, you can either send them back to us or make sure you recycle it at home in the right bin.

We are still a small new business full of dreams and always looking for better alternatives to do good.

The change starts with you, me, us 💚