The use of Jojoba oil on your body and your “Flower”

The use of Jojoba oil on your body and your “Flower”


Dear ladies, this article is our first one on the blog and it is for you!

No matter how close I am to my mum, I don’t recall her talking much to me about how to look after my body and my precious flower! And a few years ago, long before I had the idea of O2 by Nature I started looking into natural products for a healthier life. My research then guided me to the most wonderful carrier oils (which I decided then to include in the business). Apricot, argan, almond, coconut, jojoba, the list goes on.


Out of all those oils which I use for different purposes, Jojoba is the one that reconciliated me with my body.

Let me make things clearer. As woman our body goes through changes and some of those changes impact the balance of our hormones… which also means it impacts the comfort of our body.

Fashion is not helping either: skinny jeans, tight and leggings, well, they make you look good, but your body needs space and freedom!


The use of Jojoba oil daily will help restore your skin and your flower’s dryness.


Better, jojoba can be also used as a natural lubricant! So now, is jojoba going to be your favourite oil to keep around the house as well as in your bathroom (and your bedroom)?


How to use Jojoba oil in your bathroom:

#Jojoba as a natural make-up remover. Just rub on your face a small amount of oil to remove make-up or any “dirt” from the day. Remove the excess of oil with a wet cloth and repeat until the oil level is comfortable on your face.


#Jojoba as a natural moisturiser. Quick and easy! Pour 2-4 drops in your hand then warm up gently between your palms. Apply in the morning and/or night on clean face. You can follow up with the rest of your beauty routine (day/night cream, sunscreen, and make-up).

Because Jojoba reproduces our natural body oil, it makes it one of the most popular oil for face. You won’t have any breakout from it!


#Jojoba in the shower. Did you know soap dries up your Flower? It is probably the most delicate part of your body and needs to be looked after. You should not be showering inside your flower as it destroys the natural lubricant that protects it. To prevent and/or restore use Jojoba oil instead of soap. Rub on your vagina then gently rinse. If you have a daughter, then perhaps teach her also how to wash herself and look after her own flower.

You will probably notice when little girls are out of nappies, they end up not wiping properly. Applying Jojoba oil in the morning would prevent any big rash or discomfort and will help protect their precious flower.


#Jojoba oil on babies. Our jojoba is virgin and sourced from an Australian farm. 100% pure it is a natural oil safe for the whole family including babies.

I remember my best friend teaching me this tip of applying oil on baby’s bum and genital parts to avoid any big rash. Having myself two kids, it is by far the most natural and affordable nappy cream ;)


I will finish this article remembering you how marvellous Nature is! It is where we come from, and we too often forget about it.


O2 by Nature was created to teach and share gifts Nature has for us. No chemicals, no nasties, nothing artificial.


I hope you enjoyed this article which is the begining of a long series ;)

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