How to Get Crayola Markers Off Toddlers or Kids Skin What is the easiest way to remove face paint?

The most gentle way to get face paint & crayon off your toddler's skin

If there is a tip I have been sharing widely with parents of young children, it surely is this one!
And if your children are big fan of face painting like mine, you will love this blog article. 

I often hear or read that to remove markers & paint off skin you can use soap and warm water. Well, I find that this method has its limits when it comes to kids. This requires a bit of time and patience, which we all know is not a kid first strength. With soap and warm water very often my kids will start screaming because I have to rub for a long time before anything comes off and their delicate skin will then turn red from all the rubbing. 

The magic trick to remove face painting, marker or any other make-up off kids skin is to use an oil such as apricot or jojoba.

Why these oils? Jojoba and apricot are light, non greasy and they are also wonderful for sensitive skin. 

How to proceed?

Poor a small amount of oil in your palm (I find it less messy this way). 

Gently apply on your child's skin by circular motion until the face paint or crayon starts fading. 

Then with a wet face cloth wipe-off the make-up. Rinse your face cloth and repeat from step2 until all the make-up is gone. 

You may need to repeat those actions a few times before you get rid-off all the face paint. 

Please note: You may have other face oil at home which you are using for yourself. Be aware that your face oil may contain essential oils which are too strong to be used on our little one's delicate skin. 

Alternatively if you don't have apricot or jojoba oil, you can use virgin olive oil from your pantry. If you do so, please make sure the oil is virgin and not infused. 



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